About Us

FIELD OF ACTIVITY: The production and sales of plastic injection products, the production and sales of plastic molding

Founded in 1991, ME-KA PLASTİK produces plastic products with plastic injection technique with its professional management approach, experienced team, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment based on quality and customer satisfaction. ME-KA PLASTİK has been a solution partner to its customers in many important projects with its continuous development, pioneering role in innovations, dynamism, fast and high quality production with the mold production workshop established in 2006. With its experienced team, ME-KA INDUSTRIAL DESIGN has developed and continues to develop software and hardware investments and experiences in product design, retrospective engineering, dimensional quality control, optical scanning and prototype production.


Using our past knowledge and experience, we entered the medical sector in 2012 and we produce in the medical sector with our OKSIMED brand. Established with the combination of international sectoral experience and academic knowledge, Oksimed Medical manufactures disposable medical consumables. Oksimed medical, which has succeeded in bringing the production equipment created with the latest technology together with its professionals who are experts in their business, aims to be the first representative of “quality” and “dynamism” in its sector. With ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE quality management standards, Oksimed Medical has documented the great importance it attaches to human health. The company, which started production with nebulizer set, nebulizer set mouthpiece, oxygen mask, nasal oxygen cannula, urine bag with valve, urine bag without valve and adjustable neck brace, aims to increase its production capacity and product range with the support it receives from its customers. The trust, stability and quality provided to its customers are the most striking differences of Oksimed Medical in the way of being a dynamic producer.

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